Eight Systems Ensuring Final Quality Goals

  1. Design

  All valves are designed to comply with the requirements of ASME B16.34, the ASME code and specials to customer requirements as applicable.

  2. Lean Production

  Not only does lean production model let Flowtech accept bulk order but one-piece order as well which also makes it into reality that the first qualification percentage of the finished products is more than 98%, the final qualification percentage of the finished products shipped to customers are 100% and the customer’s satisfaction score is greater than 85’. As lean production model arranges one-piece flow at the workshop, the delivery is much faster and more reliable and our offer calculated by our lean production team also more more competitive than before.

  3. Quality Assurance

  Every step from procurement through production, welding, assembly, testing, and packaging is in accordance with written rules contained QA manuals. Flowtech’s plant is certified to ISO 9001, API Q1, API 6D, API 600, CE-PED and TS-China. Orders are reviewed by Engineering and QA Departments and all special customer requirements are incorporated into quality assurance plan (QAP) issued for each project. The QA Department also operates calibration and gauge control systems, and trains and qualifies skilled welders and NDT inspectors.

  4. Quality Control

  The QC Department is responsible for all aspects of quality, from receiving of material to control of machining processes, welding, nondestructive testing, assembly, pressure testing, cleaning, painting, and packaging. When required, a permanent record of all completed quality goals is prepared and sent to customers in the form of a “Valve Data Package.”

  5. Pressure Testing

  Each valve is pressure tested in accordance with ASME B16.34, the ASME Code, or special customer requirements as applicable. In all plants test status is integrated into production control/inventory management software.

  6. Improvement Teams

  Continuous improvement teams at point of manufacturing ensure quality at source, process control, higher workmanship, and operator ownership.

  7. Qualification Testing

  Reliability is ensured through functional qualification tests. These tests are performed on all valves to determine reliability and service life.

  8. Guarantee period

  A guarantee period we give is within 12 months after start commissioning or 18 months after FOB date whichever comes earlier. Three warranties during our guarantee period including repair, replacement or compensation of faulty products is approached after it is proofed in written。

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