We at Engineering take utmost care and lay ample emphasis on Quality thereby ensuring our clients with trouble free operation and total guarantee of a variegated range of valves. Our team of experts is committed to uphold high quality standards in conformity with client specifications and to achieve which we have established an all-inclusive quality assurance system. Our complete manufacturing process from the commencement to the end, design, development, assembly, and testing along with examination, package and delivery is performed with utmost safety and quality in mind. Each valve is checked for guaranteeing plant safety and absolute reliability taking into account former defined application conditions. It is well inspected prior to delivery covering PMI, material analysis, wall thickness and hydraulic tests.

  Our workforce in the quality assurance department is well acclaimed and vastly experienced in valve manufacturing possessing an academic background and specialization in Metallurgical and Mechanical engineering. Further, they are constantly trained in their respective domain with a motto to develop and compete in the domestic and overseas market.

  Our Quality guidelines

  . Customer satisfaction and quality is our prime objective

  . Quality is our trademark

  . We look forward to an enduring customer association based on quality

  . The requirements of our valued patrons have the topmost priority and is the foundation of all tasks undertaken

  . We constantly strive to avoid errors and abolish any source of the flaw in every division of our group

  . We deliver quality by offering quality work. For us quality signifies the accomplishment of expectations and requirements, expected by our esteemed customers

  . Customer feedback and response is given utmost significance and analysis carried out and preventive action implemented for ensuring customer delight

  . Every employee in our organization surrounding the span of his role is accountable for the top-notch quality of his individual work.

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